View Full Version : [OFFER] passed CCIE SPv4.1 lab on 15th Feb'19

02-16-2019, 02:55 PM
I passed CCIE SP lab on 15th Feb'19

TS3 Mix:
Faced some new faults, but managed to solve 8 questions correctly.

Diag Mix:
Diag was exactly like WB. No changes.

There were some pre-config changes. But if someone is thorough with the WB then its easy to crack.
i solved all sections correctly.

02-17-2019, 06:53 AM
@ciscocrack , congratulation!!!
which vendor solution did you refer for practice ? it will be a greate help if you share the vendor name.

02-17-2019, 01:42 PM
I used C4C workbook.

02-18-2019, 02:48 AM
Hi, How'd you find the segment routing question? the way the question "reads" it's asking you to use the same index ID for IPv4 and IPv6 within ISIS (which doesn't seem to work)
Note - i haven't seen the C4C workbook

02-18-2019, 05:25 PM
C4C wb has all correct solutions.