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Thread: CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

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    CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

    Hi all,
    My friend passed SP Lab. This is his feedback detail.

    Diag is mixture of diag 1 and 2.
    Should understand why you will choose any of the option and study the hint to choose an option.


    I got Tsht3.3

    1---Bgp Multipath
    Got variation 1, only had to add bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax

    2--- Telnet
    Question now ask in reverse, telnet from p211 to pe221
    pe221 have control-plane for management, something like this
    allow ssh
    allow telnet

    interface.....facing p211
    allow ssh
    allow telnet

    3--- Multicast
    same as workbook
    the igmp join should souce on interface of pe121....that is eth0/2 for ce307 and eth0/0 for ce301
    for mob-ce301
    int lo0
    ip igmp join-group source ip-address of pe121-eth0/0
    the reason for this is cos question will ask to match output that looks like this on pe121
    ping vrf mob ------no added source from lo0

    question ask to match precedence immediate and internet.

    5----OPSF betwwen xyz-pe221 and mob-ce322
    mob-ce322 can see ipv6 routes but ipv6=4 has problem

    mob-ce322 has two ipv6 address, delete the one that is not necessary.
    router ospf 300
    router-id <loopback0>
    interface loopback0
    no ospfv3 300 ipv4 are 0
    ip ospf 300 are 0
    interface g0/0
    no ospfv3 300 ipv4 are 0 --- if have delete it (its ipv4, not ipv6)
    ip ospf 300 are 0
    ip ospf network point-to-point-to-p

    PE221(XR) --
    pe221 has two router ospf 17 configured which is for mpls core, also has ospfv3 300 configured, recreate new ospf 300 as below

    router ospf 300
    vrf MOB
    redistribute bgp 17 preserve-med preserve-bgp-defualt-info
    are 0
    int g0/0/0/2 (towards CE322)
    network point-to-point

    on bgp, under address-family ipv4 make sure you redistribute the ospf 300

    one of dist1-rt and dist2-rt did not have bfd all-interface under isis

    router isis 1
    bfd all-interface

    question is stateless not statefull

    enabled nat46 on the interfaces, then i added ipv6 route........../120 gig0/0/0/0

    pls study how to configure stateful and stateless, question can come in diff form, understand both ways and how to solve the ticket in both ways

    question as to match output of
    show isis fast-reroute summary

    RP/0/0/CPU0:C4C-NORTH#sh isis fast-reroute summary
    Fri Sep 7 23:21:52.463 UTC

    IS-IS CORE IPv4 Unicast FRR summary

    Critical High Medium Low Total
    Priority Priority Priority Priority
    Prefixes reachable in L1
    All paths protected 0 0 0 0 0
    Some paths protected 0 0 0 0 0
    Unprotected 0 0 3 6 9
    Protection coverage 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%

    looks like that, with some diff value

    All i need was to
    router isis 1 add ipv4 uni
    spf prefix-priority high tag

    others are in preconfig

    when i run sh isis fast-reroute summary, was able to match the output
    please other thing that might not be in preconfig

    same as workbook

    l2transport was missing under the interface and also encapsulation dot1q....pls check the interface and see what vlan it is to include in the encap dot1q xxx command

    same as workbook

    Everything other thing is same and i used C4C solution

    Thank so much C4C team for help me get number.

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    Re: CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

    Thanks you so much for this feedback

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    Re: CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

    Thanks you so much for this feedback

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    Re: CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

    Thanks for the feedback..can you please share the WB.

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    Re: CCIE SPv4.1 PASSED Feedback on Sept 2018

    Muy importante e interesante este post. se agradece.

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