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Thread: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

    Quote Originally Posted by ramonsmith1 View Post
    thanks for sharing

    Will using this network read an era on an app like any mob psycho 100 Season 3 or any app will be affected by using it
    I totally agreed with you but we have to make sure before using any network apps.

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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

    would you please reupload again ?

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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

    Thanks for sharing it.. Its really helpful.

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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei


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    Re: Mobile backhaul network design -Huawei

    Quote Originally Posted by HuaWeixxx View Post
    This is specific network design for Mobile Backhaul. This document help in 2 directions : one is about IP/MPLS of Huawei Equipments, another is about Mobile backhaul network. This is original from Huawei .

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